Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Jamii about?

    Jamii is the UK’s first discount card and discovery platform for Black creators on the up. We’re a proud home for Black British brands.

    Our online marketplace is where you can find everyday products and just-because gifts crafted by talented black makers. Our community of Jamii cardholders saves up to 40% on every buy.

    Why? Because we want to help economically empower the Black community and celebrate the Black British experience. And you’re invited to join in.

  • How long does my Jamii membership last for?

    Your Jamii membership lasts for 12 whole months. If you bought your card after April 2020, it automatically renews. So you don’t need to worry about your discounts disappearing.

  • When will I receive my card?

    You should receive your card within 3-5 working days. But you can start using your online discounts from the minute you buy.

    If you haven’t received your Jamii card, drop us an email at [email protected].

  • Why can't I see the online discount codes?

    Make doubly sure you’re logged in with the email address you bought your card with. If it’s still not working, send us an email.

  • How do the discounts work?

    When you’re shopping on the Jamii marketplace, your discounts are automatically applied at the checkout. Just log in and voila.

    If you’re a cardholder shopping on one of our partner’s own websites, log in to your Jamii account to retrieve your code and type it in at their checkout.

    When you’re shopping in person, either at one of our partners’ stores or at one of our events, just flash your in-date Jamii card.

  • Why hasn't my discount been applied?

    If you’re logged in as a cardholder and your discounts haven’t been applied, or you have tried to use a discount code offsite and it hasn’t worked, let us know and we’ll take a look for you.

    For some partners, the discount only applies at certain times or on certain products, but we make this clear on each partner’s profile page.

  • Can I use my Jamii discount in association with other offers?

    Whether the discount is valid in conjunction with other promotions depends on the partner, and we make this clear on their partner profile pages.

  • How do I refund my Jamii membership?

    If you’ve changed your mind about membership, you can get in touch with us to cancel up to 14 days after you’ve bought it.

    Once 14 days have passed, cancelling your membership will take effect on the next payment date.

    For more information, head to our Terms & Conditions.

  • Where's my order?

    Our creators have differing delivery times and you can check when your order is likely to arrive on the Delivery & Returns tab of each product page.

    If it’s been a while since you’ve heard anything, message us at [email protected] and we’ll get an answer for you.

  • How much is delivery?

    Our creators dispatch their items separately and have their own delivery costs and policies.

    You can find out how much delivery costs per products on the Delivery Costs & Returns tab of the product page, or check the list of all our creators’ delivery costs here.

  • How do I refund/exchange products bought through Jamii?

    Before buying something, double-check the Delivery & Returns tab that’s on every product page.

    If refunds/exchanges are accepted for your order, leave it with us. Get in touch with your order information and we’ll sort it for you.

  • What does it mean if a product says 'Buy Offsite'?

    Many of our listed products are available to buy on our marketplace, but sometimes they aren’t. We’ve made this clear and you’ll be taken to the maker’s own website.

    If you’re a cardholder, paste your discount code into the site’s checkout.

  • What is Boxed By Jamii?

    We created Boxed By Jamii to save you money on shipping as you support black creators.

    We know that buying from multiple creators can stack delivery costs – but with Boxed By Jamii you can buy 200+ items and spend just £4.99 on delivery.

    So if you’re gifting or just love a good black-owned haul, you can shop Boxed By Jamii here.

  • I've lost my card

    Drop us an email at [email protected], along with your original order number, and we’ll get a new one shipped out to you.

  • Who's behind Jamii?

    Jamii was founded by Khalia, our very own Black British creator and maker.

    Courtney, Terory, Elena, Keziah, Deborah, Mike and Mas make up the rest of the team!

  • How can I join Jamii as a creator?

    This is the energy we want! If you’d like to partner with us, click here to tell us more about you.

  • What’s the Little Black Book?

    Only the ‘shopping bible for Black British brands’ (Stylist magazine’s words, not ours).

    We seasonally publish the Little Black Book to show off our phenomenal creators and makers. We feature interviews, gift guides, special features and more. Pick up yours here.

  • Some of the products on your partner's website don’t appear on the Jamii website - does the discount still apply?

    We’ll make it clear on our partner’s profile pages if the discount doesn’t apply to certain products.

  • I've got a recommendation for a new Jamii partner

    If you know a black creator, crafter or change-maker, you can bet we want to know about them. Drop us a message here.

  • How do I get in touch?

    We take all questions and concerns, from ‘When will my delivery arrive?’ to ‘What should I buy my 9-year-old niece for her birthday?’ – and we’re always down for a chat.

    Message us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram at @ukjamii.