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Jamii is a discount & discovery platform seeking to catalyse growth among Black British businesses. Launched in August 2016, we believe in the power of community and as such focus on the promotion of multiple businesses rather than one in creative marketing campaigns, and act as the focal point for customers searching for incredible black-owned businesses in the UK.

One of our primary initiatives is the Jamii card, the first discount card for Black British businesses, that encourages customers to discover and use the brands we’re partnered with. The first of its kind, the card offers an incentive for those interested in finding Black British brands to make a purchase, thereby further completing the marketing circle – from promotion to awareness, and finally to the sale.

As a discovery platform, Jamii supports revenue growth and promotions; as a community, Jamii brings together talented, knowledge-sharing entrepreneurs, determined to see everyone progress.

We have a collaboration-focused approach and as such, every business on the Jamii platform is a partner of ours: we work together to create larger outcomes than would have been possible to achieve alone.

If you’re interested in partnership with us, please complete the application form below.

Please note there is a partnership fee of £35 per year.



  • What do you do and what is your vision for it?



If you don’t believe partnership is right for you but want to explore other ways we can work together, feel free to drop a message to [email protected] outlining what you’d like to do!