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Tropikal Sundai


Feed your glow with exotic extracts

Tropikal Sundai may have been born in London, but its roots are firmly set on the sweet island of Barbados. Ashlie-Selina learnt the benefits of natural skincare remedies while bike-riding along the Bajan coast in 2016: she picked up a heat rash that was instantly soothed with raw aloe vera gel, which – combined with the countless Sundays she used to spend as a child listening to her mum profess the healing powers of Mauby bark and bush tea – led her into the world of plant-based skincare.

Ashlie-Selina believes your skin deserves to glow, like a Caribbean sunset on the horizon. It should be moisture-rich, like the dewy sweet juices of a mango. Tropikal Sundai brings a dose of island life to your skincare regime with nourishing, all-natural, ingredients.