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Pat & Pinky’s


Flava fresh from Guyana

Growing up, Pat only ever remembered his mother being called by her nickname, Pinky. Pinky was a brilliant cook, and when she passed away, Pat found that one of the things she left him with was the ability to cook crowd-pleasing Guyanese dishes. When Pat moved to Guyana after 25 years in the UK, he found himself visiting local markets and revelling in the fresh produce and flavoursome native chilli peppers at his fingertips.

Inspired by Guyana’s global blend of cultures and dazzling cuisine, Pat set to creating his own range of vibrant hot sauces, with the Wiri Wiri – the ‘Flava Chilli’ – as the essential ingredient. And he’s been working tirelessly at it ever since, supporting his country’s local farmers and bringing a generous helping of Guyana to the world.