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Jamii Card

The Jamii card

The Jamii card.

The Jamii Card is the first discount card for Black British creators and makers. Cause it feels good backing people – as good as up to 40% off.

Join 2,000+ cardholders shopping and saving on every purchase with over 250 incredible creators across skincare, haircare, fashion, art, greetings cards, food and so much more. And we’re welcoming new makers all the time.

Get Ladoki’s Whisk & Things brownies delivered to your door with a tidy discount. Save on skincare essentials by Olamide at Sheshea Naturals. Unwind with wax melts handcrafted by Cedar Vitae – and get 15% off.

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How does the Jamii card work?

When you buy a Jamii card for £14.95, it lasts you for an entire year and you can save up to 40% at our partnered businesses, both online and in person.

Why did you create a discount card?

Our mission is to get people to become more conscious when shopping, reframing the buyer’s perspective from ‘pounds spent’ to ‘spending power’. Change comes from sustained, long-term action, which can’t rely on moral reasoning alone. By offering a discount, we’re tapping into people’s inner psychology – do the right thing while getting a reward yourself.

When will my card arrive?

Your Jamii card will arrive within 3-5 working days of purchase (usually sooner). However your online discounts will become available immediately.

How long does membership last for?

An entire year from the date of purchase. Your expiry date will be on your Jamii card.

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