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What is Jamii?

Somewhere in the UK, someone is making what you’re searching for. And you best believe it’s a step up. There are Black creators and makers who’ve made moves on a good idea, small businesses who’ve honed their craft and raised the game. You just need to know where to find them.

What if you could ditch Prime and still get your shampoo on time? Swerve Sainsbury’s and get Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce straight from a South London Kitchen. Buy a birthday card that gets brownie points – and backs a Black British designer too.

Jamii is the home for Black creators and makers. A discovery platform for British brands on the up. A discount card when you join our community. Cause it feels good backing people – as good as 40% off. We want to introduce you to the small businesses who know what you need. And dedicate their days to getting it to your door.

Cocktails from Padnas for Friday night celebrations. Shampoo from someone who’s spent every Sunday braiding. T-Shirts printed with “Plantain” (no matter if you say it plant-ain or plant-in). Everyday products and just-because gifts. All delivered with that extra buzz you get from buying Black and British.

We’re always on hand.

These independent Black-owned businesses are supported by us here at Jamii – an independent, Black-owned business that we launched in 2016. Headed up by Khalia, our very own Black British creator and maker. Along with Terory, Courtney, Deborah too. Our team handpicks every product, and are on hand to make your shopping as smooth as that shea butter you’re about to get delivered. We take all questions and concerns – from ‘when will my delivery arrive?’ to ‘what should I buy my 9-year-old niece for her birthday?’

Independent businesses fly on people making noise. We work with entrepreneurs to get their message and marketing tight, so when they step into the world, they’re ready.

The Jamii Card.

Jamii membership gives you up to 40% off for a whole year for only £14.95. We’ll take 2 of everything. Check it out here.

Our ethos.

Our home for Black British creators and makers is about showing pride in who we are. If Tihara Smith didn’t make her Caribbean Palm Trees Print, what would we hang on our kitchen wall?

Buying Black isn’t a radical or revolutionary act. And in time, everyone will know it. Black History beyond Black History month, Carnival all year round (okay we’re dreaming there). The point is: being Black and British is an everyday celebration. Come join. There will be plantain.

Who runs Jamii?

Khalia Ismain looks after the strategy, marketing and finance of things, while Terory Briscoe-Larebo oversees our long-term strategy, making sure we’re heading in the right direction. Courtney Ismain runs everything to do with this site, making sure it shows you what you need when you need it.

Any other questions?

Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page, or drop us a line at [email protected].