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Kitsch Noir

Greetings cards and accessories, inspired by Black British culture

In the summer of 2017, fashion accessories designer Cherelle Brown could see there was a problem with the lack of diversity within the greeting cards industry. Taking matters into her own hands, she was on a mission: to create a quirky, fun and contemporary line of cards which champions the voice of the underrepresented. This is how Kitsch Noir was born.

Kitsch Noir supports a movement that celebrates the love and enjoyment of the black British experience. All cards and small gifts are designed to spread positivity, humour and sometimes a little education, with diversity at the heart of the brand’s vision. Cherelle now makes it possible to send the card directly to the recipient, with a message of choice handwritten by her.

Below is not an exhaustive list of products. The Jamii discount applies to the whole range, unless otherwise specified.

The discount code currently works only on the Kitsch Noir Etsy page – we are working on this!