Biankha And Friends

A black doll, accessory and animation brand

Biankha And Friends is a black doll, accessory and animation brand with a vision to inspire young girls of colour. The multi-faceted Biankha doll has curly hair and an abundance of melanin, and she exists to represent girls who look like her and show them they can excel in all areas.

Founder Charlotte’s vision is to empower children to embrace who they are, know their true history and have high aspirations. When her daughter first started school, she began coming home saying she didn’t like her hair, and wanted it to be “straight and yellow” instead. This led them on a self-love journey that resulted in Biankha & Friends, a venture that has since won them the prize of ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the 2019 Black Women in Business Awards.

Below is not an exhaustive list of products. The Jamii discount applies to the whole range on the website, unless otherwise stated.