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Tummy Ease – Herbal Tea – Mother Nature’s Recipes


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Trapped wind, bloating and colic are all symptoms that make for restless little ones and long sleepless nights!

Our Tummy Ease blend is caffeine free and works to gently alleviate such symptoms in both babies and adults.


Caraway seed aids digestive issues such as trapped gas and bloating, it also eases stomach spasms and can calm constipation.

Aniseed is rich in a number of nutrients and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can help to calm the symptoms of colds and colic that your babies may be experiencing.

Catnip contains nepetalactone which has the properties of a herbal sedative making it the perfect relaxant to promote sleep, improve mood and reduce anxiety.

Chamomile whilst also a relaxant, also soothes stomach aches and spasms as well as boosting immunity.

Lastly, marshmallow root pulls all the ingredients together to make sure that they are digested well and helps to create a smooth, well rounded cup of tea.

Vegan and gluten free.

If you have any ongoing medical conditions, please consult a Physician before trying new products.


Infuse one heaped teaspoon per cup in freshly boiled water, for 5-10 mins depending on taste. Strain and serve. Herbs brewed for a shorter amount of time (5 mins) can be brewed twice before discarding.

For babies from 2 weeks old – infuse half a teaspoon in freshly boiled water and leave to cool (no warmer than 37 degrees). Baby can be given 2-3 spoonfuls throughout the day or the infusion can be added directly to formula.

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