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Nylah Naturals Conditioner & Oil Duo – Hair Popp



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Sold By: Nylah


The Nylah Naturals Conditioner and Oil Duo contains two luxurious items to keep your hair nourished and hydrated:

Nylah Super Botanicals Conditioner (200ml)

Do your hair some real good with this Botanical Conditioner. Restore and protect your hair’s natural moisture with our rich and creamy double strength conditioner.

Loaded with essential amino acids, and super botanicals, this fast-acting formulation softens and moisturises hair to help prevent breakage. Carefully formulated to a P.h 4.5 to help re-balance your hair cuticles and lock in moisture.

Nylah Super Seeds Hair Oil (200ml)

Nourish your hair and scalp with Nylah’s super lightweight multipurpose hair oil.

A rich blend of 11, cold-pressed botanical oil, loaded with fatty acids, amino acids, iron, copper magnesium, proteins, carotenes and Vitamin A, B, D and E.

Therefore, this lightweight formula strengthens hair fibre. Also, it seeks to restore dry and damaged hair, whilst sealing in moisture and protecting it from environmental aggressors. The oil also revives the scalp. It quickly absorbs to delivering a rich supply of nutrients that encouraging cellular renewal and promote healthy hair growth.

Hair looks visibly healthy and noticeably soft. The delightful aroma of citrus essential oils will leave your hair smelling divine. Critics say that it ‘leaves the scalp nourished and hair lustrous without excessive grease’.

The Nylah Super Seeds Hair Oil can be used to seal in moisture, as a hot oil or scalp treatment.