Bourn Beautiful Naturals Wash Kit (No Styling) – Hair Popp

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Bourn Beautiful Naturals Wash Kit (No Styling) – Hair Popp



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Sold By: Bourn Beautiful Naturals


The full-size Bourn Beautiful Naturals Wash Essentials Kit contains:

Moisture Silk Sulfate-Free Shampoo (250ml)

This is a creamy shampoo, which is rich in lather and helps to detangle while it cleanses. It effectively removes dirt and product buildup without stripping the hair of its natural moisture. In fact, it helps to put that back in with Vitamin B-5 and silk amino acids. To use this product all you need to do is put shampoo onto the palm of your hand and massage the shampoo into the scalps with your fingertips. Then, rinse all of the product out with water and enjoy incredibly soft hair.  Embrace the feeling of being on cloud nine.

Avocado Smoothie Hair Conditioner (250ml)

This is easy rinse-out creamy conditioner is a nutritious green smoothie made for the hair. It has great slip and leaves coils replenished and smooth. It is coconut oil-free and instead uses hempseed oil, which is known to help itchy scalps. To use this product you apply the conditioner on the hair. Then, you rinse thoroughly to get rid of any remaining product. The reviewers proudly state that “The avocado conditioner has a lovely creamy texture”.

Leave Me Be Leave-In Conditioner (250ml)

This is a silicone-free and glycerine-free leave-in conditioner. This provides an excellent protective base for any styling product. It stands on its own as well, sealing the hair cuticle with aloe vera juice and a touch of oat protein. It is also lightweight enough to be used as a daily moisturiser with a sealant. This product brings a heavenly touch leaving you with strong, healthy and glowing hair. Hair that is easy to style as well. The Leave Me Be Leave-In conditioner can be used just before styling or you can apply it right before bed leaving it on overnight to wake up with soft-as-a-feather hair.

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