Line & Honey


Minimal illustrations driven and inspired by black women

Line & Honey has three main intentions, the first being to show up for women of colour. Their illustrations want to show they are visible, represented and owning their narratives. Often featuring women and her plants, the illustration style is intentionally minimal and line-based, trying to use as little detail as possible to illuminate the full picture, fulfilling their second aim – to produce a soothing, mindful experience when viewed. These two things come together for the final aim, to shed light on the softer, more reflective sides of women of colour – they celebrate the versions not often seen.

Line & Honey began as a direct result of needing a creative outlet during an enriching but challenging time in founder Amberlee’s career. It started with her passion for illustration and striking but minimal aesthetics, but continues to be driven and inspired by black women, and her desire to depict them in a soft, reflective light.