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Kaleidoscope Beauty


Jewellery empowering the disenfranchised

Jewellery has always been the gift that Umutoni would bring back to friends and family in the UK from her holidays in Kenya. Elegant, handcrafted, and with a distinct East African design, it was unique artisanal skill that you couldn’t find in Britain. Through Kaleidoscope Beauty, Umutoni is using jewellery to bridge the gap between east and west for a greater social impact: to challenge multi-generational poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, starting in Kenya.

Umutoni works with disadvantaged and disenfranchised Kenyan artisans who have perfected the skill of jewellery design. She makes sure they get a legitimate wage for their work – while introducing the rest of the world to their unique creations. So, when you wear a Kaleidoscope Beauty piece, it’s not just an accessory. It’s accessibility: it’s helping a skilled artisan in Kenya to dream bigger and shape their lives for the better.