Bodied By XO


Performance gear to push you to the limit

Christina is a level 3 qualified personal trainer from London who helps clients meet their fitness goals, live a healthier lifestyle and most importantly, build body confidence. During lockdown, she launched the Bodied By XO Online Gym, a judgement-free and positive online workout community with fun, heart-pumping, booty-building live online workouts to get us moving from home or wherever you like to train. Now, her new line of performance gear is here to push us to our limits and be the best version of ourselves.

Resistance Bands, Anti-Slip Training Socks, Training Gloves and Sliding Discs. Gear up and attack your workout in style – then feel invincible afterwards! For Christina, Bodied By XO is about helping you reach your potential and learn to love exercise and her training gear will get you there.