Amanthis Stationery


Affordable and beautiful stationery

Amanthis provides a range of stationery and office supplies that are high quality, aesthetic and inexpensive. With a great selection of notebooks, planners, books and more, the store proves to be a great option for premium stationery that does not have to be pricey.

The store was founded by Rachel in 2018, who found that affordable and high-quality stationery was difficult to come by. Since then, Amanthis Stationery has featured in subscription boxes, at events and still makes the perfect gift for people looking to get organised or simply treat themselves.

Amanthis comes from ‘Aman’, the Hebrew word for support, symbolising how Amanthis Stationery strives to support and accompany you in education or at any phase in your life.

Below is not an exhaustive list of products. The Jamii discount applies to the whole website range, unless otherwise specified.