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hairpopp! Turns 1

21 November, 2019

It’s been a year since we launched a carefully selected number of independent UK black owned hair brands in our online (real black) black hair shop.

We’re inviting you to join us in celebrating our many successes such as 

  • being nominated for a Midlands Charity and Business award
  • being invited by Facebook to do a pop up shop
  • hosting a natural hair workshop in St. Kitts and so much more. 


Soooo…we’re going to keep it simple. 


…SAY WHAT?!…we’re empowering you to speed network with some of our brands. 

At the end, you select four items to go home with. 

Two options:

1) A wash day kit

2) A styling kit. 

You ask the questions, the brands give you the answers. You make the decision. Simple. Pre-order for just £35 or you can pay £40 on the day. You won’t be disappointed.


Carnival of course! If you want to get involved wear something pink or yellow. Let’s brighten up your winter evening. Expect bright colours and positive vibes. hair popp 2020 is going to be epic and we want you with us!


Expect the best guilt free waffles in Birmingham.