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12 Black-Owned Face Masks To Add To Your Skincare Routine

There’s nothing like feeling refreshed and renewed after a face mask. But when it comes to our face, we’re not messing around with just any old formulas – natural ingredients with powerful properties are always best. Here are 12 purifying, refreshing natural face masks by black creators who know their skincare.

Mitti Mud Clay Mask + Exfoliant, HelloAloe, £12

Drew is all about vegan skincare. Her gentle Mitti Mud targets spots and blackheads to draw out the dirt and leave you feeling fresh-faced.

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Mint & Chocolate Face Mask Powder, Okiki Skincare, £10

Not just sweet-smelling, the cocoa powder in this mask is an antioxidant superfood. Paired with goat’s milk and buttermilk, expect your skin to feel radiant and the skin tone more even.

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Glow Superfood Clay Mask, Starest, £17.99

This mask work on normal to oily skin, thanks to its Vitamin C and essential oils that help detoxify and reduce inflammation caused by skin complaints like acne. Like it says in the name, you’ll be left with a healthy glow.

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Moringa Face & Body Mask With Green Ultra Ventilated Moringa Clay, The Moringa Family Group, £13.99

Blended with the superfood moringa cultivated in Grenada, this mask softly exfoliates the skin and washes away impurities.

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Bentonite Clay & Goat’s Milk Face Mask, Bourn Beautiful Naturals, £11.50

Harness the exfoliating goodness of goat’s milk and the dirt-trapping bentonite clay to reveal a revitalised complexion beneath.

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Detox Face Mask, Kitchen Cosmetics, £13.99

Creator Latoya packs her Detox Mask full of vitamins and minerals known for their powerful cleansing. Say goodbye to dead skin and clogged pores, and hello to replenished skin.

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Radiance Clay Mask – Kaolin Clay + Black Charcoal, MG Skincare, £10

A clay mask that doubles as an everyday cleanser, its salicylic acid gently exfoliates while still preserving the skin’s sensitive layers. This mask will work its magic on oily and congested skin.

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Clarifying Dead Sea Mud Mask, Ethereall Hair & Skin Care, £12

The Dead Sea possesses over ten times the minerals than any other body of water in the world – which is what makes it an invaluable asset to your skincare. Ethereall’s vegan face mask treats sensitive, oily and combination skin to a dose of Dead Sea goodness.

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Luxurious French Pink Clay Face Mask, Sheshea Naturals, £18

This mask lives up to its ‘luxurious’ claim, cleansing the skin with kaolin, pink clay and organic oils. And it won’t leave your face feeling dry:  its fruit extracts and hyaluronic acid ensure lasting hydration.

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Green Smoothie Clay Mask, Wild Seed Botanicals, £25

Creator Laila trusts in the power of sea clay, which she says has been used in skincare for thousands of years. Whipped up with all-natural ingredients, the clay works together with fruit extracts and enzymes for ultimate exfoliation and pampering.

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Skin Amour Beautify Me Natural Clay Face Mask, Love Row Naturals, £8.99

Feel renewed thanks to this all-natural clay blend. Top tip from creator Amaka: mix this mask with apple cider vinegar for a full detoxifying treatment.

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Green Tea Anti-Ageing Clay Face Mask, The Mango Girl, £13.95

Green tea takes centre stage in this mask as it’s known for its impressive anti-oxidising powers. Along with its refreshing fruit extracts, this is the recipe for supple, smooth skin.

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