9 Black-Owned Candle Brands To Set The Mood For Valentine’s Day

We’ll all be having a night in this Valentine’s Day, so look no further than candles if you want to create a romantic mood with your bae. The fragrant aromas envelop you in love and the flicking flames create a beautiful scene. These 9 black-owned candle brands will help you set the tone.

Lófinda Candles

Luxury vegan-friendly candles and wax melts, some enriched with massage oils. Their Rosey Rose candle was just made for Valentine’s Day.

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Okiki Skincare

Okiki Skincare’s latest limited edition candle is Morenikeji, meaning ‘I have found my second half in Yoruba’. This oaky scent creates perfect warming, romantic atmosphere.

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Lanji Candles

Warming scents in the form of candles, wax melts and tealights. Their fruity Strawberry & Rhubarb candle will sweeten your evening.

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Chelle Candles

These elegant and luxurious candles are handpoured with love by founder Rochelle herself, with a personalised option to gift to the one who has your heart.

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Fade Candles

Forget lockdown for a second: Fade Candles’ beautiful fragrances are made to transport you and bae to bliss, which is why their stunning scents have names like Riches, Peaceful and Poetic.

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Cornucopia Emporium

100% eco soy wax candles, diffusers and accessories. What began as a creative hobby for founder Natasha has flourished into a way to spread joy to the minds, bodies and souls of candle lovers.

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Home Jewels Co

The remedy to mass-produced candles filled with polluting chemicals, Home Jewels Co’s vegan soy wax candles and wax melts uplift your living space with stunning aromas while burning cleanly.

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Fresh linen, chocolate orange, oudh musk – Melitarose believes that the simplest scents can evoke the most pleasant feelings. The Tuberose candle tin envelopes you in a warming, romantic floral aroma.

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Young Mary’s

‘Inspired by the motherland’, every Young Mary’s candle scent is its own aromatic homage to the sights and sounds of Africa, as each of their names suggests.

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